To our friends of Endo at the Rotunda

It is with great happiness to share with you the wonderful news of the renovation of Endo at the Rotunda.

My focus, since we opened in 2019, has been on serving the best sushi possible to our guests in White City, a location that was , at first, full of unknowns for me.

I am extremely proud of how loved Rotunda has now become, which wouldn’t be possible without your support.

The importance of human warmth & connection and the hope food brings is very important to me and in order to enhance this unity I am delighted to announce that we will be once again partnering with Kengo Kuma to renovate Endo at the Rotunda from mid March until summer. During this time, we will temporarily close our doors.

It is my great hope that from the moment you step into Endo, you feel like a part of our family, creating more intimate and unforgettable moments together.

I am truly excited for the next chapter of Endo to begin!

"Once in a lifetime," for a lifetime.


Two Omakase sittings:
6pm and 9pm
12pm and 2pm


Michelin Star

Sushi in the Clouds,
Where the Sea Meets the Sky


Map & Directions

8th Floor, The Helios,
Television Centre
101 Wood Lane
London, W12 7FR