‘Omakase’ translated means ‘I leave it up to you’, and Chef Endo takes each of his guests on a truly memorable dining experience, guiding them through each element of an ever-changing, seasonal, elegant and artistic menu. A series of intimate personal connections – from preparation to presentation, where touch, taste and technical mastery provide an immersive and personalised journey.

Service is inspired by the Japanese spirit of ‘Omotenashi’ - the art of hospitality rooted in empathy towards one’s guest - a spiritual exchange that begins with the reaching out of one’s heart to another. The spirit of harmony between guest and host encompasses every detail and is present in each act. At Endo at the Rotunda, you will find this same harmony flowing between the tradition and innovation that imbues each aspect of Endo’s craft.

Housed on the top floor of the former Television Centre in White City with expansive views across West London, the multi-award-winning architect, Kengo Kuma, has designed interiors at Endo at The Rotunda. The light-filled minimalist space is grounded by its stunning 200-year-old Hinoki wood counter and crowned by a cloud light feature, levitating gracefully above the action.

Omakase at Endo at The Rotunda is served over 20 courses and is priced at £250 for dinner and 15 courses for £195 for lunch on Saturdays only.

Due to the nature of the presentation of the Omakase menu and the logistics of transporting guests from the foyer to the restaurant in our private elevator, each guest must arrive at the stated reservation time, otherwise we must cancel the reservation and retain the pre-payment.


Two Omakase sittings:
6pm and 9pm
12pm and 2pm


Michelin Star

Sushi in the Clouds,
Where the Sea Meets the Sky


Map & Directions

8th Floor, The Helios,
Television Centre
101 Wood Lane
London, W12 7FR