Endo Kazutoshi

Born in Yokohama, Endo is a third-generation sushi master. Inspired by his father and grandfather from a formative age, he became immersed into the world of the centuries-old Edomae style of sushi - a technique particular to Tokyo.

He learned not just practical skills, like masterful cutting techniques or the art of pressing Nigiri, but also the beauty of balance: the space between creativity and consistency; appearance and taste; heritage and innovation.

From personal relationships with a curated list of suppliers to his own engaging, informative and approachable performance in presenting each dish, Endo has created an immersive, intimate and memorable guest dining experience at his debut restaurant in The Rotunda.


Two Omakase sittings:
6pm and 9pm
12pm and 2pm


Michelin Star

Sushi in the Clouds,
Where the Sea Meets the Sky


Map & Directions

8th Floor, The Helios,
Television Centre
101 Wood Lane
London, W12 7FR